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Winnipeg rental benefits: The NDP’s new tenant protection package

If you’re someone looking for a Winnipeg rental, the latest announcements from the NDP are making life for you just a little bit sweeter. So what exactly are the NDP dishing out to us this time? If you already live in an apartment or rental home anywhere in Manitoba, you probably received a pamphlet in the mail this month with the news.

Apartment for rent in Winnipeg

Apartment for rent in Winnipeg

The NDP Government’s New Tenant Protection Package

As part of the province’s Let’s Make a Deal consumer-protection strategy, the NDP has introduced a package of measures that protects tenants from excessive rent increases and unfair eviction, while encouraging the construction of new apartments for rent in Winnipeg and upgrades of existing ones. They’ve implemented:

  • Fairer processes and controls for apartment-to-condo conversions
  • More protection against excessive rent increases triggered by building improvements
  • More assistance for low-income renters through RentAid, a monthly benefit to help low income seniors, families, persons with disabilities and some people receiving income assistance to pay their rent.
  • Speedier hearings for eviction of troublemakers
  • More information on workable arrangements for tenants with pets

While these new measures are in place for all of Manitoba, it’s Winnipeggers that will be reaping the biggest portion of the benefits. The NDP report a few more facts, showing us that the wheels are already in motion, making it easier to find and enjoy an affordable apartment for rent in Winnipeg.

Housing Security and Affordability for Manitobans – The NDP Record

  • Low rent. Some of Canada’s most affordable. The average annual rent for a one bedroom apartment is some $1,400 cheaper than in Saskatoon, where there are no rent controls
  • Lower property taxes. There was an increase in the Education Property Tax Credit from $250 to $700.
  • 1,500 new affordable housing units by 2014. Over 700 already added as of summer 2011.
    800 new rental units in Winnipeg were built in 2010. A historic high.
  • New provisions for pet-friendly damage deposits – to encourage landlords to accept pets
    Tenants facing domestic violence or health-related mobility issues will be able to terminate their rental agreements before expiry.
  • Members of the armed forces who are relocated will be released from their rental agreements.

The benefits of renting houses or apartments in Winnipeg have always been numerous; this prairie city boasts some of the most affordable rental units in the country, a low cost of living, and in 2011 to date, Manitoba has the lowest unemployment rate in the country at 5.3%, which is well below the 7.7% national average (Statistics Canada).

With this long list of benefits, you might be wondering why doesn’t every Canadian pick up a copy of the Winnipeg rental guide, pack up their life and move to Winnipeg? Well, it could have something to do with the extremely long, frigid and snowy winters, or those nasty mosquitos.

What’s your opinion? Do you think the NDP’s plan will help? Let us know how you feel in the comments.

For more information on the NDP’s new plan, visit yourmanitoba.ca.

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