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Why Residents of London Rentals Should Clean Out Their Medicine Cabinets

Now that you have diligently cleaned your London rental from top to bottom, there is one last chore you need to tackle.  Yes, you need to go through that medicine cabinet and get it in shape!  Why, you say?  Well, aside from making room for items needed for spring and summer, you should get rid of outdated and possibly dangerous medicines.  Whether you live in one of the apartments or houses for rent in London, keeping your medicine cabinet well-stocked and up to date is a must.  Read on for tips on what to toss and what to buy.

medicine cabinets, clean out medicine cabinets, london rentalsWhat to Toss:

  • All expired medicines – they are less effective and can become dangerous.
  • Almost empty bottles – these clutter the medicine cabinet and may not even have enough medicine left for a full dose.
  • Anything that was not sealed or stored properly – the medicines may have partially evaporated, which means they are more concentrated and potentially harmful.
  • All duplicates of items that are not used often – these add to the clutter.  Store them in a larger closet in the bedroom.
  • Outdated or partially used prescriptions – check with your doctor if you have questions.

What to Add:

  • Sunscreen with the appropriate SPF for your skin and activities.
  • Aloe vera to treat burns, rashes and other skin irritations.
  • Bug repellent to keep the critters away when you spend time outside of your home for rent in London.
  • Insect bite relief for when you get bitten.
  • Gel packs to relieve the sprains and aches from having too much fun outdoors.
  • Allergy medications to combat hay fever, etc.
  • An updated First Aid kit with bandages, antiseptic spray, ointment, etc.

Act now to free up your medicine cabinet for the items your family will need this spring.  It is time well spent!

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