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What if the Landlord of your London Apartment will not carry out Repairs: Advice for Tenants

Many tensions between landlords and tenants arise over repairs and maintenance. The law in Ontario requires your landlord to keep your London rental apartment in a habitable condition. Among other things he or she must ensure the building is structurally sound, the roof is not leaking, appliances are in working order, the plumbing, electrical or heating systems are working properly, and smoke alarms are installed. In addition, if a property has become infested with pests, the landlord may be responsible for pest control treatment unless it is clear that the infestation is the result of your poor hygiene or housekeeping.

rental apartment repairs - advice for tenants

When it comes to appliances, the landlord must repair the item so that it operates properly or replace it with one that does work. But there is no obligation to replace the item with a new model. For example, if a washer/drier has broken and cannot be fixed, the landlord could install a second-hand washing machine in its place. As long as the replacement works properly, the landlord will have done his duty.

There are minor problems your landlord may not be required by law to fix, unless they are specifically mentioned in the lease. These might include dripping faucets, running toilets, or little holes in the carpet.

If your London rental apartment requires repairs you feel are not your responsibility, you should immediately put a repair request in writing to your landlord or property manager.

If the landlord refuses to do the work, or you think they are taking too long to respond, you can report the problem to the London municipal government


or the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board.


What you must never do is to withhold rent to try to persuade your landlord to do the repairs. This could lead to you receiving an eviction notice.

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