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Ways you are violating your lease in Toronto

With Toronto ranked this year as the world’s fourth most liveable city, it’s no wonder that more people are looking for rentals in Toronto.  Do remember that when it comes to the lease for a Toronto rental, you need to review before you sign.  You might be tempted to skip over the turgid legal jargon, but in this case, ignorance can lead to a lot of trouble.  There’s more to a lease for Toronto apartments for rent than how much you pay each month and how long you’ll live there. So take another look at it, and find out if what you consider harmless is actually a violation.  Among the most common violations in Toronto rental properties are:


1. You let a cousin or friend sleep on your couch for a few weeks while he finds a new apartment. This can be a violation of the landlord’s guest policy.

2. You hang up family photos to make the place feel cosier.
Double-check your lease before making any changes, and be sure to get permission before making a major improvement.

3. You set up a business in your spare bedroom.
Make sure your lease doesn’t specify that the rental is for residential purposes only.

4. You keep several weeks’ worth of trash in your kitchen, with the plan to “take it all out at once”. Your lease or rental agreement likely says that you are responsible for keeping your rental unit clean, safe and in good condition.

5. You get a new car and park it in the lot where you used to park the old one.
You might have to register your vehicle when you sign the lease. If an unregistered vehicle is parked on the premises, that’s a lease violation. Always tell your landlord when you get a new car.

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