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Tips to Becoming a Successful Gardener in London

If you are a first time gardener in a home for rent in London, we have a few techniques for ensuring a gorgeous garden.  Even if you live in the smallest of houses for rent in London, the following essentials will work!

1. Compost is key – Where else can you get gold from garbage?  Mother Nature never throws away anything, so use your kitchen debris to improve the soil in your garden.  Coffee grounds, orange peels, egg shells – all are excellent for composting.
Tips to Becoming a Successful Gardener in London

2. Use your compost – Spread it around plants to stave off disease, mix a little into the potting soil to give it beneficial micronutrients, lavish it on the soil to improve its structure or to restore life to soil that has suffered too much chemical abuse.  This, alas, is a too common occurrence in the gardens of London house rentals.

3. Plant crops in wide beds – No, we are not assuming that you have a huge spread around your London rental.   Crops are simply anything that is planted for harvest, be it vegetables, flowers or shrubs that will be transplanted.  If you keep these grouped tightly in beds that are not walked on, you will reduce weeding, save water and let the compost be concentrated where it can do the most good.

4. Learn to love mulch – Mulch provides a protective barrier to the soil by moderating temperature, conserving water and preventing soil from splashing up.  Organic mulch is best, but find the right mulch for your garden.  For example, straw is ideal for a vegetable patch because it is wonderfully inexpensive and breaks down faster than wood chips.  Wood chips take longer to decompose, so they are perfect to place around shrubs.

5. Feed the soil, not the plants – Soil that is rich in organic matter, i.e. compost, has plenty of nutrients to nurture your plants.






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