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Tips on Having an Eco-Friendly Home Bar in Your Mississauga Rental

Going green can be more fun than you imagine!  Yes, it is even possible to have an eco-friendly bar in Mississauga rental properties.  So before you plan that next party, think about how you can protect the environment.  We have a few ides to consider:

    • Tips on Having an Eco-Friendly Home Bar in Your Mississauga RentalRecycle plastic bottles and reuse the glass ones for homemade mixers, such as basic syrup, sour mix, etc.
    • Go retro – use a soda siphon instead of buying bottled soda water.
    • Avoid disposable plastic barware and use items made from recycled materials, such as cotton bar towels, linen napkins, stainless steel straws, bamboo olive picks and cutting boards.
    • Use fresh squeezed juices rather than buying packaged products.
    • Be aware of how much ice you use and how much goes to waste.  If the refrigerator in your home for rent in Mississauga has an ice maker, unplug it when the bin is full.  Then switch to ice trays, preferably those not made from plastic.  Use only as much ice as you need and use cubes, which melt slower, for mixed drinks.
    • Check the seal on your refrigerator door.  The easiest method is to put a dollar bill in the door and close it.  If you can easily pull that bill from the door, the seal needs replacing.
    • Switch to non-electric appliances, such as juicers and ice crushers.
    • Save water by hand washing all bar tools and glassware.  If you must use a dishwasher, do not select the pre-rinse option.
    • Establish the appropriate mood by using candles instead of lights.  For those times when you do need more light, such as clean up, use Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) in place of standard bulbs.

Now spread the word among your friends and neighbours of Mississauga apartments for rent that going green is for all occasions!






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