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Tips on Designing a Home Office in Mississauga

If you have decided to work from home, make sure that you are not violating the terms of the lease of your Mississauga rental.  After that, get help in designing your home office.  Since you will be spending eight or more hours a day in this office, take your time, research the options and try different approaches.  Here are some thoughts to keep in mind:

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  1. The location – Consider the environment of your proposed office space in the context of the home you rent in Mississauga.  An office in the basement will be dreary in the winter, and an upstairs spare bedroom is hardly suitable if you will be meeting clients or accepting frequent deliveries.
  2. Set a budget – Before you buy an expensive desk and chair, determine what you can afford.  It is not practical to spend too much money before you have earned any.
  3. Know the tax laws – Money spent on creating a home office might be an allowable deduction.  So keep records and receipts and learn the relevant portions of the tax code.  Better still, consult a tax professional.
  4. Seek inspiration – Look at other home offices in Mississauga rentals to get design ideas.  Ask questions, take notes, and photograph or videotape offices you really like.  Browse magazines and Web sites for more ideas.
  5. Wires, wires, everywhere – Whether you are in one of the many apartments or houses for rent in Mississauga, your home office will need phone, power and network access.  This will mean plenty of cable and wires underfoot.  One option is to have a wireless router installed.  Also, make sure you have enough electrical outlets and that the wiring can handle the load.
  6. Allow for storage – You will have a lot of data on hand, so think about where and how that data will be stored, filed and managed.  If you do not have room for filing cabinets, scan as much of your documents as possible.








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