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Tips on Choosing the Right Neighbourhood in Toronto

Canada’s largest city is currently ranked as the world’s fourth most liveable city, so if you are looking for rentals in Toronto, you will have several great neighbourhoods to choose from.  Take the time to investigate neighbourhoods as you research Toronto rental properties.  Otherwise, if the area is not right for you, you are not likely to enjoy your new home.


To help in making your choice, consider the following:

Schools:   If you have children, this is probably your first consideration.  Are the schools well kept?  How well have students done on standardised tests?  If your child will walk to school, is it safe to do so?  What carpooling options are available?  Are school buses available?

Know what you want:  What are your preferences in a neighbourhood?  For example, are you happier with quiet streets or do you want a busier area?  Do you prefer walking or driving to the grocery store?  Do you want trees and parks near your Toronto rental?

Crime and Safety:  Use your search engine of choice to research “crime statistics by neighbourhood”.  Then contact the local police department for more details, such as whether the community is involved in crime prevention or community policing.

Take a Look Around:  Walk through the neighbourhood and note if the houses, front yards, streets and sidewalks are well kept.  Stroll the streets in the morning and at night to make sure the residents are people you would want for neighbours.  Check for vacant lots or abandoned buildings – these might be used for commercial developments which could drastically alter the neighbourhood.

Transportation:  If you drive to work, try out the commute at rush hour.  Will you be going with or against traffic? Is the route easy to navigate?  Is public transportation available?  How much does it cost to hire a taxi?











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