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Surprising Uses for a Hair Dryer in a Home for Rent in Toronto

Your humble blow dryer can be used in your Toronto rental for more than just styling your hair!  Read on for some quirky tips on making the most of this versatile appliance.

uses of hair Dryer, toronto rental apartments, toronto rentals, alternative uses of hair dryers1. If you want to remove a photo from an album with sticky pages, it is wonderfully easy to do so. Simply blow warm air onto the back of the page while you gently (very gently!) pull the photo free.

2.  Is yours one of the apartments for rent in Toronto with a lot of knickknacks that need dusting?   To avoid breakage of your valuable mementos, simply set the dryer on cool and point it at the spot to blow the dust away.

3. Have plastic shower curtains or tablecloths that you want wrinkle-free? Keeping the dryer 12 inches from the surface, blow hot air onto the material to smooth out the creases.

4. If you want to give Martha Stewart a run for her money, you can make perfect frosting or icing on cakes or cookies.  Blow cool air directly on the item in question.  But be careful – make sure that dust has not collected in the dryer.

5.  For anyone doing their own manicure or pedicure, you can speed up the drying time by blowing cool air on your painted nails.

6.  This winter, when you cannot bear to slip your feet into cold shoes or boots, warm up your footwear with your hair dryer.

7.  If you live in one of the houses for rent in Toronto that allows you to do renovations,  the hair dryer will help in pulling up old tiles.  Set the dryer on the hottest setting and operate about 1 inch above the corner of a tile.  When you see the tile rising, insert a thin spatula under it and gently pull the tile away.

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