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Smoke alarms: Advice for landlords and tenants of Toronto Apartments

There is “no smoke without fire”, so the old saying goes. And if smoke invades your Toronto home, it stands to reason there must be a flame burning away somewhere. That is why properly installed and maintained smoke alarms save lives by providing a valuable early warning signal.

smoke alarms in apartments

It’s easy to think fires are something that happens to other people. But anything like a badly maintained washer/drier, a carelessly placed candle, or a pot left too long on the stove can cause a blaze that can quickly go out of control.

In Ontario it is a legal requirement to install working smoke alarms on every storey of a home, including basements. But all too frequently, officers investigating house fires find that either there was no smoke alarm in place or that the one that had been fitted was without batteries.

It is the responsibility of landlords to ensure their Toronto rental properties comply with the law and have the required number of smoke alarms properly fitted.

As a landlord you must not only install but also maintain smoke alarms. This means:

  • Testing alarms monthly
  • Changing the batteries once a year
  • Cleaning alarms annually to remove dust
  • Replacing smoke alarms every 10 years

If you are a tenant you should check when you move in that the property has the required number of smoke alarms; if it does not then contact your Toronto landlord immediately.

It sometimes happens that a smoke alarm is set off by normal household activities like cooking or having a hot steamy shower. If this happens regularly it can be annoying for you as a tenant. However, you should never remove the battery or interfere with the alarm in any way. It is illegal for you to do so.

Instead, you should talk to the landlord and see how the problem can be solved. Sometimes just repositioning the smoke alarm slightly can do the trick.

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