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Should You Move for a Better School in Ottawa?

Many parents think that moving to a better school district will guarantee quality education for their children. According to statistics, parents in search of a better school district will move by the time their oldest child is four years old.  They often end up in a neighbourhood they can barely afford, rather than staying put and saving as much money as possible for college tuition and retirement.  If you are unsure about taking on higherOttawarent payments in exchange for a better school, consider the following:

moving to different city for better school1.  Before assuming that the local public elementary school near your home for rent inOttawais not good enough, investigate for yourself.  Talk to parents whose children attend the school, sit in on a class, and meet the teachers and the administration.

2.  Remember that houses in areas with high-scoring public schools are easier to sell and command higher prices.  For tenants, this means pricierOttawarental properties.

3.  If you are convinced a private school is your best option, examine your budget.  Can you realistically afford monthly tuition and the costs of yourOttawarental?  Keep in mind that many private schools will request additional donations during the year. If the school offers scholarships or financial aid, this will be a lifesaver if you lose your job.

Now ask yourself the following:

How many children do we have or plan to have?

How secure is my job?

How long do we plan to stay in this area?

Aside from the schools, what are our social expectations for this community?

How diverse is the school?

Is the environment right for our child? Is it too high pressure?

Will we need two incomes to cover the rent there?

With these thoughts in mind, it will be easier to make the best decision for you and your family.





Image By: Jordanhill School D&T Dept 

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