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Renters’ Inspection Checklist

As a tenant, you need to spot hidden flaws as you consider apartments for rent in Ottawa.  Make sure that your Ottawa rental is safe, secure and clean.  A little work now will save you a lot of trouble later.

renters inspection checklist

When you look at various Ottawa apartments, bring the following tools to help uncover defects:

  • Camera – take pictures of anything that makes you uneasy, such as loose plumbing fixtures or windows and doors that do not shut securely.  Examine the photos with the landlord before you sign anything – he’ll know what needs to be repaired and you will have proof of issues that existed before you moved in.
  • Flashlight – check under sinks, in cupboards and behind appliances.  Look for pest droppings, water stains and indications of mould.
  • A long umbrella to reach the test button on the ceiling smoke detectors.
  • Tape measure – make sure your furniture will fit and get an exact ceiling height.
  • Outlet tester – determine if outlets are grounded and wired correctly.

Take a look at the immediate area of where you might rent in Ottawa:

  • Do you feel safe in the neighbourhood and parking lot?  Is there adequate lighting at night for safety?
  • Do you see broken items around? These indicate that the landlord or management company do not repair items quickly.
  • Does the lobby door lock securely?
  • Are the stair railings sturdy?

Now test the doors and windows:

  • Does the door have a peephole?
  • Do outside doors have deadbolts that work?
  • Do windows open and shut easily?  Do they have locking hardware?
  • In case of fire, would you be able to escape from any door or window?

Examine the living areas for:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Screens and fans to ensure proper air flow
  • Sufficient electrical outlets






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