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Reducing Household Plastic in Your Ottawa Rental

One trend among residents of Ottawa house rentals is learning how to cut down on the use of plastic at home. Plastic, for all of its convenience, wreaks havoc with the environment because it is made from oil. In addition, there are toxins that can escape certain types of plastic, thus increasing our exposure to harmful substances. If you are ready for the challenge of living plastic-free in your home for rent in Ottawa, we have a few tips for you. To start, learn the three Rs:  reduce, reuse and recycle.

reducing household plastic in your ottawa rentalReduce – try not to buy any new plastic items. That can be tougher than you think – items such as contact lens solution, clumping kitty litter and garbage bags do not have plastic-free alternatives. But when it comes to food that is packaged in plastic, you have options. Consider baking your own bread or making your own hummus.

Reuse – find ways to use any plastic container as many times as possible before recycling it. Those takeaway food containers and plastic condiment bottles can hold paper clips and pens, for example. Be careful in your quest, though, as some plastic, such as PVC, is not safe to be reused.

Recycle – if you cannot reuse plastic, then it is better to take it to the recycling centre. Remember, though, that plastic degrades as it is recycled, so recycling is not the best solution to the plastic pollution problem.

What else can you do? Use mason jars or spaghetti sauce jars to store bulk food items like rice, nuts and dried beans. If you worry about breaking glass in the kitchen, consider using stainless steel containers.

There you have it. With a pragmatic approach and a few practical changes, you can make a difference. Now spread the word among your neighbours who live in Ottawa rental properties!







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