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Recycled Home Decor for Toronto Rental Properties

Toronto has an extensive recycling programme to help keep the city clean and green.  If you have ever wondered how you could decorate your Toronto rental with recycled products, we have a few intriguing ideas.

  1. home decoration, decoration by recycled products, toronto rental propertiesMake a pillow cover from an old suit jacket – imagine how much fun you could have incorporating tweeds, herringbones and checks into a retro pillow cover for your sofa!  You will be the talk of the town in Toronto rentals.
  2. Barn wood makes a striking picture frame – if you have access to an old barn, fence or cabin with wood that will otherwise be discarded, you have an endless supply of raw material for an interesting project.  Yes, it will take a little ingenuity, but the finished product will be unique among Toronto houses for rent.
  3. Turn leftover fabric into quilted coasters – you will have a handy accessory that absorbs moisture and is beautiful, too!
  4. Fashion a stool from a milk crate –perfect for a college student or anyone who has limited storage space.  Simply find a plastic frame to put on top of the crate and then fit in a cushion for the seat.  Affix small legs at each corner and you have an ingenious, dual-purpose piece of furniture that fits under a bed.
  5. How many ways can you refashion a bicycle chain – well, for starters, how about as a photo or mirror frame, or a bottle opener, or a business card holder, or a clock, or a bowl?
  6. An old suitcase becomes a cat bed – your cat   loves nothing more than to jump in an open suitcase, so why not give Fluffy the bed of her dreams?  Add one of your old t-shirts as a pillow, and you have a pet bed that is second to none.






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