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Post Graduation Move To Toronto

It’s amazing how it happens. One minute years of college are stretching ahead of you, then suddenly it’s all over and you have graduated and are ready to start out in the world. You blink hard and wonder where the time went.

Suddenly all your friends are going in different directions. Some may have jobs; some will be moving back to live with parents; others will be determinedly striking out on their own. In this post we offer advice to fresh graduates as they move to a city to take up their first job.

Let us say you have landed a job in Toronto. Your family does not live in the city so you will have to find a Toronto rental. If you lived off-campus in a rented apartment when you were at college, then you have an advantage. You already know the ropes and you will be able to get a landlord’s reference letter.

If you have not rented before, then you need to do some clear thinking before you start your search for Toronto rental properties. Here are some things you need to think through carefully before you even start looking for an apartment.


How much can you afford to pay for rent? One way to find the top limit for housing costs is to divide your monthly net income (after taxes) by three. But don’t forget to include utilities in your budget.

Also remember to allow for all deposits that may be required (for example, holding and security deposits). At this stage it might be a good idea to research the rentals in Toronto to get some idea of what you might have to pay. Then you can decide whether you are going to need a room-mate to help make ends meet.

Decide on your requirements

As you are fresh out of college and this is your first job, you may not need a very big place to begin with. Once you have made up your mind whether you are going to live alone or share accommodation, you can make a list of all the facilities you need from a Toronto rental: number of bedrooms, parking, amount of closet space, bike storage and other factors.


Another big decision to make before starting the search is where in Toronto you wish to live. This will be determined by factors like your budget, the location of your office, the transport you want to use to get to work (walk, bike, car or bus) and the amenities you require nearby. You should also consider the crime rate of different neighbourhoods.

Transport takes on a special resonance in Toronto because the city is well-known to be tough for commuters. You may want to minimise commuting stress by taking a Toronto apartment close to your work rather than a rental out in the suburbs. The central location may cost you more but will pay dividends in minimising the trials of daily travel.

Once you have decided on the three important points described above then you can start your search for the ideal Toronto rental armed with the information you need.


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