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Planning the Perfect St. Patrick’s Day Party in Oakville

March is here and you know what that means! Yes, houses and apartments for rent in Oakville will soon be festooned with green in honour of St. Patrick. If you want to throw a party but are daunted by the prospect, we have a few tips to help your bash go off without a hitch. No matter the size of your Oakville rental, you can host a memorable party.

St. Patrick's Day Party planning, preparationFirst, give yourself enough time to plan. What is your menu? Do you have enough dishes? Is there room in the oven and on the stove for your culinary masterpieces? If cooking gives you the jitters, then hie thee to the market for corned beef and the like.

Since beer is crucial forSt.Patrick’s, decide whether you want to go goofy (where is that green food colouring?), patriotic (Moosehead), or authentic (Belfast Quarter). Keep in mind, though, that not everyone drinks beer. Yes, some people have mystifying tastes. What will you serve them? Make sure you know your guests and their preferences. And do allow them to pour their own drinks – it encourages mingling.

And speaking of guests, how many are you inviting to your home for rent in Oakville? A safe rule of thumb is to have only as many people as can sit in your dining room and living room. Ideally, no more than four or six guests should be standing at one time.

Now for the supplies you need. A good sized tablecloth and napkins, preferably in green, and enough plates and glasses. Galvanised tubs to hold ice and drinks are fun, as are glass jars that serve as candle holders.

Finally, relax. Your guests are coming because they like you, not because they want to judge your hosting skills. If you are having fun, your guests will too!





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