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24 March 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Items in Your Mississauga Rental You Should Repair Rather Than Replace

For the fifth consecutive year,Mississaugaresidents are encouraged to participate in Earth Hour on Saturday, March 31, at 8.30 p.m.  By turning off the lights inMississaugarentals for one hour, we can promote awareness of climate change and what we need to do to solve this issue.  Aside from this event, there are simple ways to help our planet.  One step we can take is to fix items inMississaugahouse rentals instead of throwing them away.

repairable home items, repair rather than replace, mississauga rentalsIf you want to flex your DIY muscles, we have some tips.  Keep in mind that if the repair costs are less than 50% of the purchase price, you should definitely fix the item in question.  Even if the costs are a bit more, remember that you are helping to reduce waste.

Some easy to fix household items:

Furniture – there are plenty of upholstery shops in town to help you repair or renovate a piece in your home for rent inMississauga.  If an item is broken, a little patience and some nails and glue will do the trick.  If you need a temporary table, put a plywood plank between two stacks of bricks and cover it with an attractive tablecloth.

Electronics and Appliances – get to know your local electronics repair guru when it comes to something complicated.  For less complex items, like a computer keyboard or mouse on the fritz, take it apart and clean out the dust and crumbs.  Then remind yourself to keep appliances clean to avoid such problems.

Luggage – rips can be remedied with a patch or some heavy tape, and worn corners can be glued or taped into place.  If the straps are broken, you can buy replacements at a discount store.  When in doubt, call the manufacturer and ask if they have a refurbishment plan.




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22 March 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Ottawa Apartment Living for Collectors: How to Display Your Collection

If you are a passionate collector it can be quite a challenge to live in a small Ottawa rental apartment. If you are not careful, your beloved possessions can take over, making the space feel cluttered and causing friction with your partner or roommate.

display your collection - books, bookshelvesThere are ways around this problem. The trick is to make your collection a design feature within your space. If books are your thing, you can have a book wall which gives a delightful homely feeling to a room. Think how you are going to group the books. Some people arrange them by size but you could also consider grouping them by color, which gives an interesting effect.

If antique china, dolls or other medium sized items are your passion, consider making a shelf that goes all the way round the top of your living room and arrange your collection on that. You will have to dust the objects regularly but many collectors don’t mind that as it gives them a chance to handle their treasures. The display will certainly be a talking point when people come to see you in your Ottawa home.

display your collection - antiquesTo display fragile and valuable items like antique teapots, your shelf should have a rim along the edge to prevent the objects falling off and getting broken. If your budget allows it, consider getting a special display cabinet to put your precious collection in.

Collections of record albums, posters, old photographs or old labels can be framed and displayed on the walls. Coin or medal collections can also be framed. When displaying photos or printed items on a wall, do be careful to put them somewhere where they are out of direct sunlight, otherwise the images will fade.

If space is really limited in your Ottawa rental apartment then you may have to make some hard choices. With the dolls or antique teapots you may have to select five or 10 favorite pieces and just display those on a shelf in the living room, or along the gas mantle fireplace. You could keep the others packed and change the items every so often.

Before building shelves or units to display your collections or hanging framed items on the walls, do be sure to check with the landlord of your Ottawa apartment to make sure that they are happy with your plans.

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20 March 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Recycled Home Decor for Toronto Rental Properties

Toronto has an extensive recycling programme to help keep the city clean and green.  If you have ever wondered how you could decorate your Toronto rental with recycled products, we have a few intriguing ideas.

  1. home decoration, decoration by recycled products, toronto rental propertiesMake a pillow cover from an old suit jacket – imagine how much fun you could have incorporating tweeds, herringbones and checks into a retro pillow cover for your sofa!  You will be the talk of the town in Toronto rentals.
  2. Barn wood makes a striking picture frame – if you have access to an old barn, fence or cabin with wood that will otherwise be discarded, you have an endless supply of raw material for an interesting project.  Yes, it will take a little ingenuity, but the finished product will be unique among Toronto houses for rent.
  3. Turn leftover fabric into quilted coasters – you will have a handy accessory that absorbs moisture and is beautiful, too!
  4. Fashion a stool from a milk crate –perfect for a college student or anyone who has limited storage space.  Simply find a plastic frame to put on top of the crate and then fit in a cushion for the seat.  Affix small legs at each corner and you have an ingenious, dual-purpose piece of furniture that fits under a bed.
  5. How many ways can you refashion a bicycle chain – well, for starters, how about as a photo or mirror frame, or a bottle opener, or a business card holder, or a clock, or a bowl?
  6. An old suitcase becomes a cat bed – your cat   loves nothing more than to jump in an open suitcase, so why not give Fluffy the bed of her dreams?  Add one of your old t-shirts as a pillow, and you have a pet bed that is second to none.






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18 March 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Living on a Budget: How to Economise in your Oakville Apartment

Many of us are living on stretched budgets at the moment and it makes sense to economise as much as possible. There are dozens of small ways that you can reduce your expenses. Properly implemented these measures can add up to considerable savings.

living on a budget: economise in your Oakville apartmentHere are 12 tips to help you save money in your Oakville apartment home.

  1. Record your monthly income and expenditure, then make a budget and stick to it.
  2. Cook at home as much as possible and avoid buying take-aways or oven-ready dishes from the grocery story.
  3. Economise on your journey to work in Oakville by using public transport, walking or car-sharing.
  4. Ask your boss if you can telecommute a couple of days a week.
  5. Save and reuse items as much as possible, for example plastic sandwich bags, aluminium foil and transparent plastic wrap. Save empty plastic food containers for storing leftovers & freezer use.
  6. Use cloth handkerchiefs instead of expensive facial tissues and washable cloth dish towels instead of paper towels.
  7. Plan each shopping trip in Oakville carefully and make a list that you keep to. Don’t shop on impulse. Clip coupons and use loyalty cards.
  8. Buy in bulk for items that you use a lot – such as household cleaner, shampoo and toilet paper.
  9. Don’t buy expensive gifts. Give home- grown plants or bake a cake.
  10. Make your own compost from vegetable peel and left-overs.
  11. If you are not going shopping leave your credit cards at home.
  12. Reduce water use by fitting a low-flow shower head in your shower.
  13. Seal up any cracks in your Oakville apartment to prevent cold draughts and save on heating bills.
  14. Become a ‘brown-bagger’ and take your lunch to work.
  15. Purchase a coffeemaker for work instead of buying lattes at Starbucks.

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16 March 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Combating Planned Obsolescence in Rentals in London

London has recently been ranked as the 10th Smartest City in Canada.  One topic smart London residents should know about is planned obsolescence, where products are designed to wear out or stop being useful after a short time.  This practice costs consumers money, uses up valuable resources and overloads our landfills.  We have a few examples of planned obsolescence in your London rental and how you can combat it.

  1. combat planned obsolescence in london rentals - canadaPrinter Cartridges

A set of new cartridges can cost more than a printer.  Often, though, you cannot use every drop of ink because many of the cartridges contain proprietary smart chips that disable printing when one of the colours falls to a certain level.  Added to that inconvenience, the smart chips also discourage refilling or use of third-party ink.  The solution?  Buy cheaper generic cartridges, particularly ones that let you refill the ink. If you absolutely must print a document, use draft and greyscale settings to save ink.

  1. Light Bulbs

Light bulbs rarely last long enough, even though the technology exists to solve this problem.  So what can you do?  Use longer lasting bulbs, such as fluorescent and LED technology. These may cost more, but they will save energy in your home for rent in London.  Another suggestion is to use dimmers and sensors so as to keep your lights off as much as possible.

  1. Fast Fashion

Ah, fashion – those irresistible trends that last one year and are then gone.  Alas, very few London house rentals have adequate closet space to stash clothes until they come back into fashion.  But despair not, you wannabe fashionistas!  By choosing timeless classics and vintage clothes, you will have an almost endless range of style possibilities.  If you must have an item for a special occasion, such as an evening gown or a tuxedo, consider renting instead of buying.






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14 March 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Moving Away from Home for the First Time – How to do Laundry in your Mississauga Apartment

So you have just moved away from home and into your first apartment in Mississauga. This is an important step in life and it’s exciting to have your own space. But there are downsides to leaving home. If your Mom has been doing all your laundry for you this is one comfort you will certainly miss.

moving away from home, laundry in mississauga apartmentThe first time you do your own laundry in your Mississauga apartment there are a few things to be careful about if you don’t want your whites to turn pink and your woollens to shrink.

The first step is to sort your dirty clothes into separate piles. Make a special pile for sweaters then sort the rest into whites, blacks and colors. Subdivide the colors into groups so that like goes with like. While you are sorting the washing make sure you check the pockets for tissues, papers or even money! Close all zippers.

Check the washing instructions on each garment. Silks and items that have linings such as suits, skirts, dresses, smart trousers and coats should always be dry-cleaned. For sweaters check the manufacturer’s label carefully. Most modern front-loading machines can handle knitted woollens. Just make sure you select the wool wash option. Never try to wash woollens in a top-loading machine.

Now you are ready to start the wash. If you are using a coin-operated machine in your Mississauga apartment block, make sure you have enough of the right coins. Use the amount of detergent recommended on the bottle, and then choose the wash program according to the directions on the garment label. As a general rule, use cold water for colors and dark fabrics and warm water for hard-wearing fabrics and whites.

Before putting clothes in the drier, check the labels to see if it is ok to tumble-dry the articles. Sweaters and delicate or highly decorated items should be dried on a rack. In the case of the sweaters they should be laid out flat. Before loading the drier, make sure the lint trap is empty, otherwise the machine will not work at maximum efficiency.

When your things are dry, fold up anything that does not need ironing and put it in the closet in your Mississauga apartment. Then give your Mom a call and tell her of your success!


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12 March 2012 ~ 0 Comments

How to Remove Stains and Spots from Furniture in your Toronto Rental Apartment

However careful you are, it is hard to avoid at least some spots and stains getting onto the soft furnishings in your home.  If you share your Toronto apartment with pets or children, then grubby marks are an inevitable part of life. The only way to avoid them would be to wrap everything in plastic, which obviously isn’t practical!

remove stains from your furnitureIf your Toronto apartment is furnished, then you’ll want to get rid of the marks before the landlord sees them. If the furniture is yours, it represents an investment and you will want to keep it neat and clean.

Our great-grandmothers had lots of useful advice about how to remove nasty stains. Much of this valuable lore has been forgotten but below are some old-fashioned home remedies for seven common spots and stains on furnishing fabrics. Please note these tips are given in good faith but they cannot be guaranteed.  Try them in your Toronto apartment at your own risk.

Blood: Soak in salted cold water, or warm detergent solution, for about an hour then wash as usual. Or you could cover fresh or dry stains with unseasoned meat tenderizer and dampen the spot with cold water. Leave to stand for 15 to 30 minutes and then sponge off with cold water.

Chewing gum: Harden the gum with an ice cube then chip away at it gradually with a blunt knife.

Coffee:  Apply a solution of half vinegar and half water and then wash.

Red wine: Rub salt into the stain immediately.  Leave for a minute or two before rinsing with warm water.

Tomato sauce: This can usually be removed by normal washing in a biological detergent, as long as this is done at once. Alternatively, apply a glycerine solution (diluted 1 part to 2 parts water), leave for about 1 hour to soften the stain then wash in detergent.

Urine (fabrics): Soak the fabric in cold water and a biological detergent, before washing in a strong detergent. Another method is to sponge with a vinegar solution (1 tablespoon/15ml to 1 pint/500ml cold water).

White wine: If the stain has dried then soften with glycerine (1 part to 2 parts water) before washing.

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10 March 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Alternative Uses for Oatmeal in Ottawa

Oatmeal, alas, has a reputation for being bland and healthy. But don’t overlook this versatile food! You can use oatmeal to improve your health, entertain your kids and beautify your home for rent in Ottawa. For best results, use whole-grain, steel-cut oats, also known as coarse-cut or Irish oats.

alternative uses of oatmeals

  1. For a healthy glow: Brighten your skin with a paste of oatmeal, honey and lemon juice.  Apply to the face, wait 15 minutes and then rinse with tepid water. To treat acne, cook a bit of oatmeal, let cool until lukewarm, and apply to the problem areas. Wait 15 minutes and then rinse.
  2. Combat odours: Oatmeal is great at absorbing odours in houses for rent in Ottawa.  Place an open container in your fridge to soak up the smells of garlic or fish. If you have yet to give up smoking, line ashtrays with oatmeal flakes to neutralise the awful smoke smell in your Ottawa rental.
  3. Skin Rx: Oatmeal relieves irritations such as sunburn and poison ivy, and it heals open pores. Fill the bathtub with lukewarm water and add one cup of milk, two cups of uncooked oatmeal and a tablespoon of honey. Soak for 15 to 20 minutes, and your skin will be beautifully moisturised.
  4. Entertain your children: Mix one cup of rolled oats with a little water and flour, add the food colouring of your choice, and you have a non-toxic clay for kids to make bowls, beads, figures, etc.
  5. Organise, organise, organise: Oatmeal canisters are great to store dried goods in the kitchen, or stash craft items such as beads and buttons, or house all those office supplies. They are also the perfect size for storing rolls of toilet paper. Go ahead – try it and dazzle your neighbours in Ottawa rentals with your ingenuity!





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09 March 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Credit Records and Credit Scores: A Guide for Mississauga Renters

If you are hunting for a rental apartment in Mississauga, there is a chance that a prospective landlord may ask for a credit report and assessment of your credit score before leasing a Mississauga property to you.

credit records and credit scores - advice for rentersPeople quite often confuse a credit report and a credit score. They are actually two different things, although one is based on the other. The credit report is a factual account of your borrowing history. The credit score is a three digit number calculated from the credit report using an algorithm. Credit scores usually range from 300 to 850. A high score means you are credit worthy. A low score means you are high risk. Landlords in Mississauga and elsewhere vary in their requirements but most of them would want you to have a credit score above 600.

How is my credit score calculated?

Your credit score is usually based on the following criteria:

Make payments on time:  Your payment history, especially your record over the last six months, is a very important part of your credit score. If you have paid bills late, or been referred to a collection agency, this can have a bad effect. Worst of all is bankruptcy which can knock as much as 200 points off your score.

Outstanding debt: If the amount of debt you owe is close to your credit limit, this may also hurt your score. It is best to keep the ratio between your credit card balance and credit limit at around 20 per cent to 50 per cent. And it is better to have low balances on, say, three different cards rather than a large balance on one card.

Length of credit history: A short credit history may negatively affect your score.

Credit applications: If you have recently applied for lots of new credit accounts, it could lower your score.

Number of credit accounts: A variety of instalment loans and credit cards may to some extent improve your score. But too many finance company accounts or credit cards might negatively impact your score.

Have you any idea what is in your credit report? It is a good idea to check before you start your search for a rental apartment in Mississauga. There may be inaccuracies on your report and you should put these right as soon as you can.

In Canada there are two companies that can provide you with your credit report.

Trans Union: http://www.transunion.ca/

Equifax: http://www.consumer.equifax.ca/home/en_ca

If you apply online there will be a charge but if you apply to either of these companies by mail then you can get your credit score for free.


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06 March 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Planning the Perfect St. Patrick’s Day Party in Oakville

March is here and you know what that means! Yes, houses and apartments for rent in Oakville will soon be festooned with green in honour of St. Patrick. If you want to throw a party but are daunted by the prospect, we have a few tips to help your bash go off without a hitch. No matter the size of your Oakville rental, you can host a memorable party.

St. Patrick's Day Party planning, preparationFirst, give yourself enough time to plan. What is your menu? Do you have enough dishes? Is there room in the oven and on the stove for your culinary masterpieces? If cooking gives you the jitters, then hie thee to the market for corned beef and the like.

Since beer is crucial forSt.Patrick’s, decide whether you want to go goofy (where is that green food colouring?), patriotic (Moosehead), or authentic (Belfast Quarter). Keep in mind, though, that not everyone drinks beer. Yes, some people have mystifying tastes. What will you serve them? Make sure you know your guests and their preferences. And do allow them to pour their own drinks – it encourages mingling.

And speaking of guests, how many are you inviting to your home for rent in Oakville? A safe rule of thumb is to have only as many people as can sit in your dining room and living room. Ideally, no more than four or six guests should be standing at one time.

Now for the supplies you need. A good sized tablecloth and napkins, preferably in green, and enough plates and glasses. Galvanised tubs to hold ice and drinks are fun, as are glass jars that serve as candle holders.

Finally, relax. Your guests are coming because they like you, not because they want to judge your hosting skills. If you are having fun, your guests will too!





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