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Ottawa Apartment Living for Collectors: How to Display Your Collection

If you are a passionate collector it can be quite a challenge to live in a small Ottawa rental apartment. If you are not careful, your beloved possessions can take over, making the space feel cluttered and causing friction with your partner or roommate.

display your collection - books, bookshelvesThere are ways around this problem. The trick is to make your collection a design feature within your space. If books are your thing, you can have a book wall which gives a delightful homely feeling to a room. Think how you are going to group the books. Some people arrange them by size but you could also consider grouping them by color, which gives an interesting effect.

If antique china, dolls or other medium sized items are your passion, consider making a shelf that goes all the way round the top of your living room and arrange your collection on that. You will have to dust the objects regularly but many collectors don’t mind that as it gives them a chance to handle their treasures. The display will certainly be a talking point when people come to see you in your Ottawa home.

display your collection - antiquesTo display fragile and valuable items like antique teapots, your shelf should have a rim along the edge to prevent the objects falling off and getting broken. If your budget allows it, consider getting a special display cabinet to put your precious collection in.

Collections of record albums, posters, old photographs or old labels can be framed and displayed on the walls. Coin or medal collections can also be framed. When displaying photos or printed items on a wall, do be careful to put them somewhere where they are out of direct sunlight, otherwise the images will fade.

If space is really limited in your Ottawa rental apartment then you may have to make some hard choices. With the dolls or antique teapots you may have to select five or 10 favorite pieces and just display those on a shelf in the living room, or along the gas mantle fireplace. You could keep the others packed and change the items every so often.

Before building shelves or units to display your collections or hanging framed items on the walls, do be sure to check with the landlord of your Ottawa apartment to make sure that they are happy with your plans.

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