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Ontario Apartment Living: A New Year Resolution to go Green

What are your resolutions for the approaching New Year? Losing weight? Stopping smoking? De-cluttering your bedroom? Getting fit? Here’s another for the list. How about adopting a greener more sustainable life-style that’s better for you and for the planet?
Even if you do not own your own home there are plenty of ways to be eco-friendly in your Ontario rental apartment. And the good news is that many of the ‘green’ actions can also save you money.

Below we have listed some simple tips to get you started.

1. Unplug “secret energy stealers”

Electronic appliances like TVs, DVD players, cable TV boxes, computers, microwaves plus AC adapters for cell phones, digital cameras and other electronics still consume energy when they are turned off but not unplugged. Unplug anything that isn’t being used. Consider plugging your appliances into power strips so you can turn them all off at once.

2. Recycle and reuse

Conserve precious natural resources by recycling or reusing. Just recycling one aluminium can saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours!

3. Dispose of electronic waste responsibly

Many computers, monitors, cell phones and other electronics contain toxic materials which should not be allowed to go into landfills. To find out how to safely dispose of old electronic equipment contact Ontario Electronic Stewardship, a non-profit industry organization (see the “More Information” section at the end of this article).

4. Green cleaning

Use only non-toxic, environmentally safe, biodegradable cleaning products to clean your Ontario apartment. These can purchased from natural grocery stores and some mainstream stores.

5. Say ‘no’ to plastic – get a reusable shopping bag

Invest in a sturdy shopping bag that can be used time and time again. This one action can really make a difference. Statistics show that you alone could stop up to 1,500 disposable bags per year from going into Ontario’s landfill sites.

More Information

Environment Canada


Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES)


National Geographic Green Guide


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