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Moving Across Town in London Ontario

Say you live in a London rental and are moving across town from the Airport neighbourhood to another rental in Bostwick. Because this is a cross-town move you may feel it will be easier than shifting to another city. But don’t be fooled. Many people underestimate the amount of effort required to make a cross-town move.


Here is a check-list of 10 things to think about when you move between London apartments.

  • Make up your mind whether to do the move yourself (perhaps with the help of friends), hire a rental truck or use a removal company. If hiring a truck or a removal company book them as early as possible.
  • Most of us hate packing up. It is messy and disruptive. Minimise the stress by packing a little bit, say one box, every day.
  • Label your boxes according to the room and what is in them. You might want to put priority labels on the boxes you need to unpack first.
  • Try to avoid moving the things you really don’t need. Sell the valuable stuff and give other unwanted items to thrift shops. Get receipts for what was donated.
  • As soon as you have access to the house, it is a good idea to change the locks.
  • If you are moving with your own vehicle, make sure you pack the car full on every trip, to cut down on the number of journeys you have to make.
  • If using your own car, send the things you are not currently using in the first batches. Keep the electric kettle behind for all those refreshing cups of tea and coffee you will need while packing up!
  • When unloading at the Bostwick apartment, make sure to put heavy boxes at the bottom and stack light stuff on top. Find a suitable safe place on the floor for fragile objects so there is no danger of them falling off the piles of boxes.
  • Avoid back strain. If anyone in the family has a bad back do not let them lift heavy boxes, and anyone who is helping you must remember to bend their knees when they lift a box from the floor. When people get tired they should stop because this is when back injuries can occur.
  • If you have things that can go straight into storage in your new London rental, take the boxes directly to the basement or closet where they will be kept. This will relieve the clutter in the apartment.


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