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Mirror, Mirror – Magical Ways to Make Your Oakville Rental Sparkle

Any home can be made brighter by the strategic use of mirrors.  With a little imagination and ingenuity, you can add mysterious rooms and dimensions throughout any of the many rentals inOakville.  Even broken mirrors can be recycled for craft projects.  Intrigued?  Read on!

mirror decorations, decorate your apartment, mirrors in apartments, decorations through mirrorsBits and Pieces – For the crafty types, consider making a Moroccan influenced tabletop or wall panel by mixing coloured tiles with bits of broken mirror.  The result?  The finishing touch for a sun room that will be the envy of your neighbours inOakvillehouse rentals!

ASecretGarden– To create a peek into a verdant sanctuary, place a simple window frame in front of a large mirror.  Add a shelf below and bring in as many plants as possible.

She Sells Seashells – If you have a beach inspired bathroom, add sea shells, sea glass and small pieces of driftwood to a plain mirror frame.  You will soon hear the gentle murmur of ocean waves!

Old is Gold – Perhaps a touch of the Gothic is just what your home for rent inOakvilleneeds.  If so, then trawl for old mirrors at flea markets and yard sales.  Hang them in groups, especially in corners of a room, for a touch of bohemian charm.

AMagicGarden– If you put a large, rectangular mirror on top of a wall, your guests will think there is another garden just beyond their reach.  Just make sure to place any mirror in a shady place.  Otherwise, the reflected sunlight will damage your plants.

Surprise, Surprise – Mirrors in unlikely places, such as a dark closet or cupboard, add reflected light and ease the gloom.  Another trick is to affix a mirror to the ceiling of a dingy hallway – you will have an instant skylight!  Or, you could put a mirror behind a lamp to make a room brighter.




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