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Marketing your rental properties

I was thinking about what to write about this afternoon and was stuck. Then I started to think about why I was writing the blog in the first place. Rent Spot provides a service to landlords and tenants – we are the bridge that makes that connection. Whether you are renting in Vancouver or trying to find your ideal Edmonton house for rent.

Our blog serves to inform our customers on the rental industry for both renters and landlords. But, there is another reason why we write this blog… we are marketing. We also use it to boost our keyword rankings in Google for terms like Vancouver apartment rentals and apartments for rent in Edmonton.

Search engines rule how we operate. If we can’t be found in Google, Bing or Yahoo then we don’t have a business. This is starting to grow into Facebook, Twitter, WordPress Blogs and sharing between our customers and our network.

Social Media plays a part in marketing your rental properties

Social Media plays a part in marketing your rental properties

So what should a landlord do with all these choices? First, never assume you don’t have to worry about this because you are too big. Every landlord managing ten, twenty or one hundred buildings should have a web presence and advertise. Here are some steps to follow:

Know how you rank for keywords

Get a handle on how you rank for the keywords you are competing for. Are you in Edmonton? What keywords do you want to be competitive for? Is it just your company keywords or do you want to attract potential tenants looking for executive Edmonton rentals?

With Rent Spot, we use Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to monitor how we rank on keywords and know how competitive we are.

Develop a plan for improved rankings

Once you know how you rank, what is your plan for improvement? You can hire a professional or you can do the research yourself.

The plan will come down to three things:

  1. Content – having the right keywords on your pages to rank for those keywords
  2. Links – Having links to those pages from other websites
  3. Technical organization of your pages so they are indexed by the search engines

Get a twitter account

If you don’t already have a twitter account, then get one. It takes a couple of minutes to setup. You will be overwhelmed at first and think you need to devise a complicated strategy. My advice. Just start tweeting, the strategy will come with time.

Our Rent Spot twitter page started in the fall of 2010. It’s been gradual but we already have over 130 tweets and 50 followers.

Rent Spot on Twitter

Rent Spot on Twitter

Get a Facebook page

You need a Facebook page and start getting users to “Like” you. It would be pretty easy for a landlord if they have some critical mass. You can provide a discount off your rent or free rent as a promotion.

Start promoting

Use your tools to start promoting your company and target tenants. Newspapers are done, they are a snapshot in time that isn’t relevant to renters. Your website, twitter and facebook presence are in the moment. You want to create those moments with your customers.

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