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Make Apartments More Tech Friendly: Advice for Ottawa Landlords

Geek appeal is going to become more and more important for renters, say real estate pundits.

Each year thousands of young adults from Gen-Y, (aged 18 to 28) move out of college dorms and parents’ homes and into rental apartments. These tech savvy kids need easy access to high speed internet and good signals for their smart phones. To attract this new generation of renters, Ottawa landlords must understand and provide for their needs. It’s not just upscale apartments that need to be fitted out for tech junkies, lower-income renters are just as likely to ask for technology services.

make your apartment technology friendly

Here are some suggestions to make your apartment units more appealing to this market segment:

  • Cell reception must be good

It is vitally important that powerful cell reception is available everywhere in the Ottawa apartment complex. Young renters hate it if they cannot use their cells in their own homes. Most of them are not interested in landlines so if cell reception is not good, they will not accept a landline as a substitute.

  • Provide internet access

Gen Y wants fast internet access at all times. Make sure wireless is available throughout a rental complex. Ideally the buildings will all be hard-wired and then boosted with wireless overlay.

  • Install sound systems throughout the unit.

An effective, though costly, way to attract young Ottawa renters is to have internal speaker systems embedded into the walls. Renters can then plug in their devices and enjoy music anywhere in their homes. They will love this facility and be more likely to recommend your properties to their friends.

  • High tech rec room

Lastly if you have a communal space or living room you could  turn it into a high tech recreation room with wireless available, a couple of computers, a TV and X-Box. If this centre helps create a happy community of tenants it can only be good for your Ottawa rental business.

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