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Living on a Budget: How to Economise in your Oakville Apartment

Many of us are living on stretched budgets at the moment and it makes sense to economise as much as possible. There are dozens of small ways that you can reduce your expenses. Properly implemented these measures can add up to considerable savings.

living on a budget: economise in your Oakville apartmentHere are 12 tips to help you save money in your Oakville apartment home.

  1. Record your monthly income and expenditure, then make a budget and stick to it.
  2. Cook at home as much as possible and avoid buying take-aways or oven-ready dishes from the grocery story.
  3. Economise on your journey to work in Oakville by using public transport, walking or car-sharing.
  4. Ask your boss if you can telecommute a couple of days a week.
  5. Save and reuse items as much as possible, for example plastic sandwich bags, aluminium foil and transparent plastic wrap. Save empty plastic food containers for storing leftovers & freezer use.
  6. Use cloth handkerchiefs instead of expensive facial tissues and washable cloth dish towels instead of paper towels.
  7. Plan each shopping trip in Oakville carefully and make a list that you keep to. Don’t shop on impulse. Clip coupons and use loyalty cards.
  8. Buy in bulk for items that you use a lot – such as household cleaner, shampoo and toilet paper.
  9. Don’t buy expensive gifts. Give home- grown plants or bake a cake.
  10. Make your own compost from vegetable peel and left-overs.
  11. If you are not going shopping leave your credit cards at home.
  12. Reduce water use by fitting a low-flow shower head in your shower.
  13. Seal up any cracks in your Oakville apartment to prevent cold draughts and save on heating bills.
  14. Become a ‘brown-bagger’ and take your lunch to work.
  15. Purchase a coffeemaker for work instead of buying lattes at Starbucks.

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