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Living in Ontario: What Makes a Location More Appealing

Some of us may not have the luxury of being able to choose where to live. Our choice of location may be dictated by jobs or the need to be near relatives, or other considerations.

But if you are could choose your home town or city in Ontario, what are the main factors you should take into account?

If you are a retiree or someone with a young family then you might be attracted to London Ontario. This city of more than 464,000 people has a lot of advantages. The housing is known to be reasonably affordable in relation to the average incomes of the people who live there and the access to healthcare is excellent. There is also a low crime rate, which is good news for everyone but especially for retired people and couples with young families. The downside of London for working people might be that job prospects are not as good as somewhere like Burlington, Kingston or Ottawa, for example.

If weather is an important factor for you, then Oakville, which has the best climate in Canada, would be a good choice, but it comes at a price. Affluent Oakville is an expensive place to live but job prospects there are reasonably good and the crime rate is very low. While the clement weather and low level of crime are major plus points for young families and retirees, access to healthcare is not nearly as good as it is in London.

If the benefits of a big city appeal to you, then Ottawa is an excellent choice. Ottawa-Gatineau came top in the 2011MoneySense magazine list of the best places to live in Canada. Affordability, good job prospects and good healthcare plus a fairly low crime rate make it an excellent choice for families. Plus there is a much greater range of things to do by day or night than in the smaller centres so it’s a great place for single professionals as well as for people with young families.

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