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Keeping Silk Flowers Fresh as a Daisy in an Oakville Rental

If your home for rent in Oakville is made beautiful by a bouquet of silk flowers, you probably love that they last longer than the real thing.  However, even silk flowers will droop and, yes, gather dust.  With a bit of preventive care, though, you can keep your bouquet looking fresh and new.  Read on for three simple steps to beautiful flowers and become the envy of your neighbours in Oakville apartments.

Keeping Silk Flowers Fresh as a Daisy in an Oakville RentalStep 1: Rice is Nice

Place your bouquet in a plastic shopping bag or a large zippered storage bag.  Add half a cup of white rice, close the bag and then shake it for about 60 seconds.  The rice will become statically charged, and the dust will be attracted to the rice.  Some people have used salt instead of rice, but salt can be too hard and can scratch the flowers. White rice is softer, so there is no danger of damage.

Step 2: Fluff Away

Now hold the bouquet by the handle, turn it upside down and give it two or three good shakes, letting the rice drop back into the bag. This will clear out any leftover dust, as well as loosen any rice caught in the flowers. It will also “fluff” the flowers, returning them to their original shape.

Step 3: Plump and Tease

Make sure all the flowers are in the right position by gently pushing them with the back of your hand.  Go around the back of the bouquet to do this.  Once you are happy with the general shape, tease the flowers into the correct position by lightly pulling and pushing on the individual flowers and petals until they are correctly placed.

There it is!  Follow this routine every three to six months and your silk flowers will always be the pride of Oakville rental properties.

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