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Keep Squeaky Floors from Deterring Tenants in Oakville

As a landlord of Oakville rental properties, you know that the properties must be presented in the best way possible.  Still, there might be some issues that you never considered a deterrent when it comes to attracting potential tenants.  For example, the creak in the floor of your Oakville rental might strike you as an endearing quirk that gives a house a certain charm.  To a tenant, however, it sounds like shoddy maintenance and a possible source of trouble.  The good news is that you do not need to rip up your floors or spend a lot on fixing them.  Read on for tips on how to silence the squeak and increase the potential of your Oakville rentals.

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First, the facts:  squeaks occur when wood floors, subfloors or joists shrink.  This is because the wood pulls nails loose as it contracts.  The loose spots then flex and rub up against each other, causing a squeak. Squeaks are most noticeable in winter because the drier indoor air causes wood to lose more moisture.  So what can you do?

– Dust a bit of talcum powder or powdered graphite in the spaces between the floor boards of your houses for rent in Oakville.

– If that does not work and if the area below the floor is finished, buy a kit with some breakaway screws and a tool that can be used both to measure the proper depth to drill the screws and to snap them off.  Kits are available for carpeted and hardwood floors.

– If the area is in an unfinished basement, and you suspect the problem is a subfloor that sags, you can secure it by driving screws directly up into the hardwood.  If the subfloor is badly supported, reinforce it with a scrap board secured to the subfloor by diagonally driven nails and construction adhesive.





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