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Items in Your Mississauga Rental You Should Repair Rather Than Replace

For the fifth consecutive year,Mississaugaresidents are encouraged to participate in Earth Hour on Saturday, March 31, at 8.30 p.m.  By turning off the lights inMississaugarentals for one hour, we can promote awareness of climate change and what we need to do to solve this issue.  Aside from this event, there are simple ways to help our planet.  One step we can take is to fix items inMississaugahouse rentals instead of throwing them away.

repairable home items, repair rather than replace, mississauga rentalsIf you want to flex your DIY muscles, we have some tips.  Keep in mind that if the repair costs are less than 50% of the purchase price, you should definitely fix the item in question.  Even if the costs are a bit more, remember that you are helping to reduce waste.

Some easy to fix household items:

Furniture – there are plenty of upholstery shops in town to help you repair or renovate a piece in your home for rent inMississauga.  If an item is broken, a little patience and some nails and glue will do the trick.  If you need a temporary table, put a plywood plank between two stacks of bricks and cover it with an attractive tablecloth.

Electronics and Appliances – get to know your local electronics repair guru when it comes to something complicated.  For less complex items, like a computer keyboard or mouse on the fritz, take it apart and clean out the dust and crumbs.  Then remind yourself to keep appliances clean to avoid such problems.

Luggage – rips can be remedied with a patch or some heavy tape, and worn corners can be glued or taped into place.  If the straps are broken, you can buy replacements at a discount store.  When in doubt, call the manufacturer and ask if they have a refurbishment plan.




Image By: Damian Gadal 

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