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Is your landlord breaking the law in Ottawa?

Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is a city of more than 900,000 residents who have a great life.  With wonderful urban neighbourhoods, rural villages and dynamic suburban communities, Ottawa is also blessed with having one of Canada’s most highly educated and talented workforces. No wonder, then, that Ottawa rental properties attract much attention.

As a tenant in an Ottawa rental, you have legal rights.  If your landlord is behaving badly or refusing to commit to repairs, you could have grounds for a complaint.  But it is up to you to be alert because many landlords aren’t aware of their legal responsibilities.  And, according to tenant advocates, no one is randomly checking up on landlords in rentals in Ottawa.  Housing laws vary, but the basics tend to apply everywhere. Some common situations to consider are:

1. One day the heat goes out. What do you do?

Don’t be shy about asking when the heating system will be repaired.  Your landlord is responsible for maintaining heating, air conditioning, major appliances, etc.

2. The locks are changed because you didn’t pay the rent.

This is a blatant violation of the law.  Even if you’re 30 days late with the payment, a landlord can’t change the locks without going to court and getting an eviction order.

3. Landlord keeps your possessions after changing the locks.

So the landlord got an order from a judge and legally changed the locks. That doesn’t mean he can keep your possessions that are inside the rental property.  He has to make an effort to contact the tenant.  Yes, even if the tenant was evicted, the landlord cannot make a claim to her possessions.

If you’re a tenant of one of the many apartments for rent in Ottawa, get legal help if the landlord seems to be taking advantage.

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