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Improving Energy Efficiency in Oakville Rental Properties

Winter might officially begin on 21 December, but anyone in southern Ontario knows that cold weather does not pay attention to the calendar.  If you are a landlord of houses or apartments for rent in Oakville, this is the time to improve the energy efficiency of your properties before the severe weather sets in.  While the initial expense might seem daunting, the reduced heating costs will be worth it.

The first step is adequate air sealing of any cracks and openings in your Oakville rentals.  This will reduce heating costs, as well as improve the building’s durability and engender a healthier indoor environment.

The next step is proper insulation to provide resistance to the heat that flows from a warmer space (all heated living spaces in a home) to a cooler space (unheated attics, garages, basements and outdoors).   Adding more insulation will frequently reduce your energy bills, even in new Oakville houses for rent.

Next, examine the energy efficiency of the windows of your rentals in Oakville. Effective techniques are adding storm windows; caulking and weather stripping around the windows; and using window treatments such as insulated curtains, padded blinds and high-reflectivity films.  However, if your windows are very old, it might be more cost effective to replace them rather than make improvements.

Another important tip is to insulate your pipes.  Not only will you pay less for hot water, but you will also decrease the chance of the pipes freezing.  You can easily check if your pipes need insulation by touching them.  If they are warm, they need to be insulated.  The same method applies to deciding if the hot water heater could also use insulation.

If doing any of this on your own is too daunting, contact energy advisors, licensed through NRCan, for advice and a residential energy assessment.









Image By: University of Salford

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