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How To Speed Up The Rental Process In Ontario

If you are moving to Ontario and need to sort out new accommodation quickly, there are ways to make the process faster. Firstly, choose a quick and efficient method of finding a suitable property. The online site rentspot.com provides a fast and user-friendly way of finding a good selection of rental apartments in any of Ontario’s major cities.

Secondly, get your paperwork in order so that you can beat the competition. This is important because in some Ontario cities like Toronto, the market is very dynamic. Apartments may even come on the market and off again in the same day.

What paperwork will you need for your Ontario rental? Details vary from landlord to landlord but the list below gives an idea of what to prepare.

  • Documents to demonstrate your ability to pay: for example the previous years’ tax return (2 or 3 years if possible), the last two pay stubs from work, and a letter from your employer stating company, job title, time at company, and salary. If self-employed produce the documents to prove this.
  • Character references: not always required but good to have available. These could be reference letters (including names and contact numbers) from previous landlords showing you were a good tenant, or personal references from work connections or friends.
  • Some landlords ask for credit reports. Obtain one online through Experian, Equifax or Transunion and save in electronic format.
  • Make sure you have enough money in your account to be able to pay two cheques. One will be for the first month’s rent and the other will be effectively for the ‘last month’s rent deposit’, which is the practice in Ontario.

In addition to the above, most landlords will require a Rental Application Form. But the style of this may vary from landlord to landlord so you may not be able to prepare it in advance.

Be organized, have your documents ready and you should be able to sail quickly past the competition and get the Ontario rental property you really want.


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