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How to Remove Stains and Spots from Furniture in your Toronto Rental Apartment

However careful you are, it is hard to avoid at least some spots and stains getting onto the soft furnishings in your home.  If you share your Toronto apartment with pets or children, then grubby marks are an inevitable part of life. The only way to avoid them would be to wrap everything in plastic, which obviously isn’t practical!

remove stains from your furnitureIf your Toronto apartment is furnished, then you’ll want to get rid of the marks before the landlord sees them. If the furniture is yours, it represents an investment and you will want to keep it neat and clean.

Our great-grandmothers had lots of useful advice about how to remove nasty stains. Much of this valuable lore has been forgotten but below are some old-fashioned home remedies for seven common spots and stains on furnishing fabrics. Please note these tips are given in good faith but they cannot be guaranteed.  Try them in your Toronto apartment at your own risk.

Blood: Soak in salted cold water, or warm detergent solution, for about an hour then wash as usual. Or you could cover fresh or dry stains with unseasoned meat tenderizer and dampen the spot with cold water. Leave to stand for 15 to 30 minutes and then sponge off with cold water.

Chewing gum: Harden the gum with an ice cube then chip away at it gradually with a blunt knife.

Coffee:  Apply a solution of half vinegar and half water and then wash.

Red wine: Rub salt into the stain immediately.  Leave for a minute or two before rinsing with warm water.

Tomato sauce: This can usually be removed by normal washing in a biological detergent, as long as this is done at once. Alternatively, apply a glycerine solution (diluted 1 part to 2 parts water), leave for about 1 hour to soften the stain then wash in detergent.

Urine (fabrics): Soak the fabric in cold water and a biological detergent, before washing in a strong detergent. Another method is to sponge with a vinegar solution (1 tablespoon/15ml to 1 pint/500ml cold water).

White wine: If the stain has dried then soften with glycerine (1 part to 2 parts water) before washing.

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