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How to Personalise Your Rental Home in Mississauga

Mississauga is Canada’s fastest growing major city and has been recognised as the nation’s safest city for eight consecutive years. Perfect for families, it also has a vibrant downtown city centre. If you have found a suitable Mississauga rental, you may be wondering how to tailor it to your tastes. If your budget is limited and the landlord imposes restrictions, this might seem difficult.


But fear not, there are ways around these obstacles! Consider the following options:

  1. Some Mississauga rentals may have unsightly plastic blinds in the windows. Replace these with floor-length curtains, or perhaps a screen-printed panel, in colours to complement your furniture.
  2. If the wall-to-wall carpeting in your home for rent in Mississauga is not to your liking, layer area rugs over it. Cover up enough of the offending colour until you are able to tolerate it.
  3. Maybe your rental features odd colour choices, such as bright red kitchen cabinets. If you cannot change the item in question, then use accent pieces – tea towels, pot holders, etc – in a coordinating shade. The “odd colour” will then appear to be part of an overall plan.
  4. If your landlord will allow it, hang some artwork. Look for inexpensive posters from gallery or museum gift shops. If the landlord is adamant about not putting holes in the walls, use picture hanging strips instead.
  5. When it comes to paint – landlords of apartments for rent in Mississauga will often permit a neutral colour, such as ivory or light grey.
  6. Display framed photographs of family and friends on tables or bookshelves.
  7. Replace outdated or unattractive light fixtures. Just remember to keep the original fixtures in storage so that you can reinstall them when you decide to move out.
  8. Add houseplants. That little touch of green can do wonders to lift your spirits!

There you have it. With a little imagination, even the most basic of rentals in Mississauga can be personalised!


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