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How to Keep your Ottawa Apartment Fragrant

Scientific studies have shown that our sense of smell is strongly linked to our emotions. Pleasant smells can induce feelings of well-being, so why not increase the homeliness of your Ottawa rental apartment by making sure that it always smells fresh and fragrant?

keep your ottawa apartment fragrantA common sense point is that in order for your Ottawa apartment to smell sweet, it’s important not to have any bad odors around! There is nothing worse than fragrant oils and sprays being used to cover up an underlying pong.

Always make sure there’s nothing lurking in the refrigerator that’s past its sell-by date, your garbage bins are regularly emptied and drains kept clean. Unpleasant pet smells can be eliminated by applying vinegar to any problem patches. Musty smells are caused by moisture and mold. To cure mustiness, first find the offending damp area, then use an antimicrobial spray to stop mold growth. Open the windows in your Ottawa rental wide on dry days to allow air to circulate.

There are various ways to introduce pleasant fragrances to your Ottawa apartment, for example:

  • Pot pourri: An old fashioned but gentle method for adding fragrance to a room.
  • Essential oils: There are all sorts of ways to diffuse sweet scented oils into the air. Reed diffusers, in which a reed stem is infused with the chosen oil, work very well and have a subtle effect. Light bulb rings are also effective. Oil drips onto the ring and the bulb’s heat diffuses scent throughout the room. Another good method is to have a nebulizer which blows scented steam into the air. If your Ottawa apartment tends to be dry, a nebulizer is a good choice as it also acts as a humidifier.
  • Air freshener sprays: Various synthetic air fresheners are available but should be avoided except in toilets or emergencies. They have a strong smell when first used but the effect fades rapidly and the chemicals in them can affect people with allergies.
  • Scented candles: These are a popular choice for some people but candles are a fire hazard and the landlord of your Ottawa apartment may not allow them.

If you have a small balcony or deck in your Ottawa rental apartment, why not add to the fragrance by growing scented plants? Examples include lavender, scented geranium, honeysuckle, and jasmine. Or try sweet-smelling herbs such as basil, lemon balm, mint and rosemary.

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