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How to Keep Cats Happy in Oakville Apartments for Rent

If you are owned by a cat (or cats), you want to make sure that life in your Oakville rental is happy and fulfilling for humans and felines alike.  This is easy to do if you examine your apartment from a cat’s point of view.  With a few small changes, an apartment for rent in Oakville can be serene and safe for a cat.

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1.  Think vertical, not horizontal – install a cat tree that has plenty of sisal rope for climbing and platforms she can perch on.  She’ll be able to look down on the rest of the world.  If you can manage a floor-to-ceiling cat tree, so much the better.

2.  Add toys to your home for rent in Oakville – toys to chase, to bat around, to hide in, as well as toys for interactive play.  These don’t have to be elabourate – a ball of crumpled kitchen foil is perfect for batting across the floor, and a paper bag or cardboard box is an ideal hiding place.  Interactive toys, with a flexible rod and a line that ends in something furry or feathery, stimulate a cat’s preying and capturing skills.

3.  Give your cat something to watch – yes, much as your cat adores you, he needs something to look at when you are not there to indulge him.  Install a window ledge so he can watch birds, and, if possible, put a bird feeder outside that window.  Or buy one of those DVDs that are made for cats, complete with images and sounds of birds and rodents.

4.  Keep your houseplants safe – grow special kitty grass, especially organic wheat and barley, for your cat to enjoy so that she doesn’t destroy your prized ficus.  To keep her from digging in your planters, put a layer of small, rough stones over the soil.



Image By: IndyDina with Mr. Wonderful 

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