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How Landlords of Rentals in Mississauga Can Prepare for Warmer Weather

Yes, it is cold now and warmer weather seems a distant possibility, but this is the time to think about preparing a home to cope with higher temperatures.  For landlords of Mississauga rentals, here are some points to consider that will reduce energy costs and guarantee comfort for your tenants:

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  1. An air conditioning system represents a significant chunk of annual energy costs in any Mississauga rental, so this should be top priority.  How old is the cooling system and should it be replaced?  If you schedule this now, you will beat the rush come spring.  If you decide against replacing the system, have it cleaned and inspected by a professional, and make a note to replace the filter every month.
  2. Install programmable thermostats to cut down on energy use and synchronise the cooling needs of your Mississauga rental properties to the tenants’ schedules.
  3. Install whole-house fans and ceiling fans in your Mississauga houses for rent.  The former pulls hot air out and draws cooler air in through open windows. The latter provides cooling and reduces the need to run the air conditioner.
  4. Schedule a time to take down storm windows and doors and to put up screens.  Open windows provide fresh air and free cooling.  Write a reminder to check that the windows are in good condition, otherwise air leaks will increase the energy bills.
  5. Have the air ducts tested for leaks and sealed if necessary.
  6. Look for moisture leaks in the attics and basements of your Mississauga house rentals.  These must be sealed immediately to prevent mould and mildew from growing during the warmer weather and subsequent rains.  Mould and mildew not only cause a variety of ailments, but they can also damage the structure of a property, so act now to control this menace.






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