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Herb Gardening in Mississauga Apartments for Rent

Despair not, you who dwell in apartments for rent in Mississauga!  Yes, you can have a flourishing indoor herb garden.  Read on for tips on developing your green thumb.

Herb Gardening in Mississauga Apartments for RentWhat should you plant?  Dill, basil, chives, mint and parsley are annual herbs that thrive indoors.  If you want to experiment, try growing sage, oregano and rosemary, which are also happy being grown inside Mississauga apartments.  You can either buy cuttings or seeds from a nursery, greenhouse, or grocer.

The ideal place for your garden in a Mississauga rental is a west or southwest facing window.  If you do not have one, then look for herbs that need less sunlight or invest in grow lights.

Now make sure that there are no extremes in temperature – herbs do not like draughty windows, radiator hot spots or super heated air.  To make your herbs even happier, place a small fan nearby to provide circulation.  This will prevent bugs and diseases from attacking your plants.

For planting, use quality, well-drained soil or a mix of vermiculite, peat and perlite.  Use a handful of gravel at the bottom of the pots to help with drainage.

When it comes to watering, make sure the soil is moist but not drenched.  A hand-held mister is the ideal tool for achieving the proper balance.  Be careful not to over water – root rot is all too common in potted plants.

The next step is fertiliser.  You can use a water soluble fertiliser or a fish emulsion that can be added to water.  Apply once a week after you have thoroughly watered the plants.  A monthly flushing, where you take the plant to the kitchen sink and water it until the water flows out of the bottom, will remove excess salt and minerals.

Get growing!  And let us know all about your bumper crop!

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