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Finding a Compatible Room-Mate in Toronto

There are many advantages to having a room-mate. If you find the right person, then sharing a Toronto rental can be a lot of fun and you can save money by sharing costs. With a room-mate you may be able to afford a nicer apartment in Toronto in a better location than you could manage on your own.

But it is essential to find the right person, a bit like a marriage really! The last thing you want is the room-mate from hell. There are dreadful anecdotes out there, just search yelp.com for “room-mate horror stories” and you will see what we mean! At the extreme end of the scale you find drug-users, people who drink too much, and people who steal. But, when you are staying under the same roof as another person, even small annoyances, like leaving the bathroom dirty or playing loud music, can assume monstrous proportions.

If possible check out the person’s profile on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or MySpace before the first meeting or soon afterwards. This will give you an idea of their career history, personality and interests.

Before the meeting, have an idea about the kind of person you feel you will get on with. List factors important to you. These might include: tidiness, taste in music, working hours, type of profession, hobbies, smoker or non-smoker, allergies and health problems, vegetarian or carnivore, drinker or teetotaller, or even whether someone is a party animal or a couch potato. Now is the time to discover as much as you can. You must also try to find out about their financial stability and previous renting record.

If you find someone you think you will be happy with in your Toronto rental, there are still important questions to discuss before they move in. These include:

  • Whose name will be on the Lease? It is best to have both parties on the lease so responsibilities are shared.
  • How is the rent being split?
  • Will there be problems with boyfriends/girlfriends staying overnight?
  • How will food and household purchases be split?
  • How will household chores be divided?
  • How will the space be divided between you? Who has which bedroom/bathroom?

If you do your homework on your potential room-mate and take the trouble to discuss important issues with them in advance, then you will be much less likely to have nasty surprises or arguments later.


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