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Combating Planned Obsolescence in Rentals in London

London has recently been ranked as the 10th Smartest City in Canada.  One topic smart London residents should know about is planned obsolescence, where products are designed to wear out or stop being useful after a short time.  This practice costs consumers money, uses up valuable resources and overloads our landfills.  We have a few examples of planned obsolescence in your London rental and how you can combat it.

  1. combat planned obsolescence in london rentals - canadaPrinter Cartridges

A set of new cartridges can cost more than a printer.  Often, though, you cannot use every drop of ink because many of the cartridges contain proprietary smart chips that disable printing when one of the colours falls to a certain level.  Added to that inconvenience, the smart chips also discourage refilling or use of third-party ink.  The solution?  Buy cheaper generic cartridges, particularly ones that let you refill the ink. If you absolutely must print a document, use draft and greyscale settings to save ink.

  1. Light Bulbs

Light bulbs rarely last long enough, even though the technology exists to solve this problem.  So what can you do?  Use longer lasting bulbs, such as fluorescent and LED technology. These may cost more, but they will save energy in your home for rent in London.  Another suggestion is to use dimmers and sensors so as to keep your lights off as much as possible.

  1. Fast Fashion

Ah, fashion – those irresistible trends that last one year and are then gone.  Alas, very few London house rentals have adequate closet space to stash clothes until they come back into fashion.  But despair not, you wannabe fashionistas!  By choosing timeless classics and vintage clothes, you will have an almost endless range of style possibilities.  If you must have an item for a special occasion, such as an evening gown or a tuxedo, consider renting instead of buying.






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