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Choosing where to live in Winnipeg

Various surveys during the last decade have ranked Winnipeg among the top 20 most liveable cities in Canada. Despite its bitter winters, the capital of Manitoba made it to number 10 on MoneySense magazine’s 2011 list of the best places to live in the country. Winnipeg scores highly because of low pollution, good public transport and thriving cultural scene. Other positive factors are good access to healthcare, affordable housing and low unemployment.

If you are relocating to Winnipeg and planning to rent a Winnipeg apartment you will want to have some idea of the advantages and disadvantages of the various neighbourhoods in this prairie city.

The advice from those who know is that south Winnipeg is generally the best place to be. One exception, highlighted by netizens on Yahoo! Answers, is North Kildonan. Originally a farming community, North Kildonan merged with the city of Winnipeg in 1972. Attractive amenities for those seeking rental accommodation in this neighbourhood include Kilcona Park which offers a wide variety of recreational activities.

In southern Winnipeg the liveliest areas include Osborne Village, “Little Italy” (Corydon Avenue) and Academy Road. Young professionals, or couples without kids looking for an active social and cultural life might want to seek Winnipeg rentals close to these places. Another vibrant district is Downtown St Boniface, an historic area which retains a distinctly French character.

For families in search of Winnipeg rentals Fort Gary, home of the University of Manitoba, is a good area. Other family friendly southern neighbourhoods are South St Boniface (Southdale, Southland Park), Charleswood, and Forest Park, St James is good, but may be a bit off-central for some people. In north Winnipeg, North Kildonan has already been mentioned as a pleasant neighbourhood and is a great place for families. The separate cities of Birds Hill, East St Paul and Lockport are also excellent locations for people with children.

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