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Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Ottawa on a Budget

No matter how small your budget, you can still celebrate Valentine’s Day in style!  Whether you have children or will be cuddling a deux, read on for some tips to make the day memorable without breaking the bank.  Or anyone’s heart.

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If you have children and want to throw a party, consider the following:

– Make decorations for your Ottawa rental by using red paper and heart shaped cookie cutters.  If you have leftover red or white Christmas ribbon, use it to hang paper hearts from the ceiling.

– For the table, use a white bed sheet as a tablecloth and make placemats out of red construction paper.  Adorn liberally with Valentine stickers – the cheesier, the better!  Form a tower of cupcakes for a centrepiece.  For healthier snacks, fill heart shaped cupcake liners with nuts, raisins and apricots.

– Organise a treasure hunt in your home for rent in Ottawa – hidden chocolate hearts or red, pink and white jelly beans are always popular.

If your celebration will be private, remember that many romantic items – chocolates, flowers, special dinners – will be more expensive up until 14 February.  If your partner is willing, choose another night so as to avoid the higher prices.  For those insistent on celebrating on the 14th, here are a few ideas:

– Research which restaurants have the best promotions for a romantic meal out.

– Call your lover when they least expect it and express how much they mean to you.

– Cook a special dinner at home.  Even the smallest of Ottawa rentals can be more romantic than a restaurant.  If you’re a hopeless cook, cruise your local grocer for a reasonably priced take home meal.  Then splurge on a bottle of Prosecco and pick up a lovely flower arrangement and some decent candles.








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