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Alternatives to Eviction for London Landlords with Non-Paying Tenants

Eviction is an ugly business and, if you are a landlord, it can be costly in time and money. In London, as well as other parts of Ontario, statistics show that the average eviction process can take around 103 days, including delays.

The Ontario eviction process is lengthy and the average eviction bill can be $5,000 or more. This includes lost rent, legal and other fees, your time, re-letting costs and lost interest.

alternative to eviction

And the fact that Ontario law does not permit security deposits means that a vengeful tenant could cause a lot of expensive damage before you can get them out of your London property.

Are there any alternatives to eviction for London landlords saddled with non-paying tenants? The answer is a qualified “yes”. Below is an outline of a strategy you could try.

  1. Meet the tenant on neutral ground and review the situation. Warn them they are not only building up rent arrears but also legal fees.
  2. Tell them that, unless they mend their ways, their bad payment record will be added to their credit history. Add that you will not give a good referral to potential landlords.
  3. Warn them you will delegate debt collection to an agency which will be relentless in pursuit of the monies owed.

Unless your non-paying tenant is a really ‘hard-case’, this conversation should have made them sit up and take notice.

Now offer a solution, sometimes known as ‘cash for keys’. Tell them:

  1. If they move out by a certain time you will pay them a specified amount of money when they return the keys, provided the apartment is in the same condition it was when they took it over.
  2. That you will waive the monies owed and not report them to credit agencies.

If the tenant agrees, put these points in a letter and ask them to sign it. The ‘cash for keys’ approach may go against the grain, but if it works it could save you a whole lot of stress and strain.

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