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Alternative Ways to Use Charcoal in Mississauga

You would never guess it, but charcoal has a multitude of uses in your home for rent inMississauga.  So banish your childhood fears of receiving a lump of coal in your Christmas stocking and learn to embrace charcoal!  Just make sure that you use chemical-free, natural lump variety charcoal.  Otherwise, you run the risk of endangering people, plants and animals.

alternative use of charcoal

  1. Bust the rust – Keep a few lumps of charcoal in your toolbox to absorb moisture and keep your hammers from rusting.  To keep gardening tools rust-free, wrap them in a large plastic bag and add a few pieces of charcoal.
  2. Nurture your garden – Add charcoal to the compost pile to increase the carbon content.  Your garden will be the envy of your neighbours in houses for rent inMississauga!
  3. Clear the air – By absorbing moisture, charcoal helps cut down on mould and mildew.  Put a few pieces in an old pair of pantyhose and hang it in the basement of yourMississaugarental, or place it in the closet, or keep it in the refrigerator.
  4. Banish shoe odour – Before you stash your shoes in the closet, place a piece of charcoal in an old sock and stick it in your shoes.  Not only will pesky odours be eliminated, but moisture will be removed, thus helping your footwear to last longer.
  5. Preserve those bouquets – Charcoal surpasses aspirin or sugar at keeping cut flowers fresh, so slip a couple of pieces in a flower vase and marvel at how long the water stays clean and clear.
  6. Mark the spot – Use charcoal in place of chalk to mark measurements on concrete, or to make a hopscotch diagram for the kids.  It washes off as easily as chalk, so you will not run the risk of angering the landlords ofMississaugahouse rentals.





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