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Advice for Tenants: Control Roaches, Mice, and Other Pest Problems in your Mississauga Rental Apartment

No one likes to admit that they have a pest problem but it can happen. There are many forms of wildlife, from rodents to creepy crawlies, that love to share the shelter and food that human homes provide.

pest control in homes

When it comes to pests like mice, cockroaches, ants, or bedbugs prevention is better than cure. If you keep your Mississauga apartment scrupulously clean then there is less chance of a nasty infestation. Mice and insects thrive on left-over food, so put all your food in sealed containers or in the fridge and dispose of trash daily. And if you and your room-mates are out at work all day, it might be worth hiring a professional firm to give the rental apartment a thorough cleaning every fortnight or so.

Tidy up any clutter because piles of junk provide cosy homes for critters like cockroaches which like to hide in dark places. You should also keep the apartment dry and free from condensation because some unwanted guests thrive in damp environments. Make sure your bathroom and kitchen are properly ventilated and get leaky faucets or pipes mended promptly.

You should also check for any crevices or cracks that lead to the outside and ask your landlord or apartment manager to seal them.

But even if you do all this and keep your Mississauga rental super-clean, you can still suffer from pest trouble. Apartment complexes are particularly prone to the problem because there are so many places for pests to live and because not all tenants keep their place as clean as you do.

If you do get a pest problem, then report it to the Mississauga apartment manager at once. If it is an insect infestation, then catch one of the creatures with sticky tape. The specimen can then be shown to the pest control experts to take appropriate action.

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